If you own multiple fitness locations that are a distance from the Kobu Training site it may be beneficial and cost effective to have the KoBu Master Instructors come to your facility.

Benefits of Hosting

Use of KoBu Power trade name  .

Club link is posted on KoBu Power locations

Promotional materials and business consultation.

Wholesale prices 

KoBu Power is a provider for:
Mahato Karate Association

Pre-Workshop Requirements:
Participants may do Kobu prior to attending the Instructor Training Workshop with the  KoBu Power DVD..

Participants are required to have had a physical exam in the past year and presently be in good mental and physical condition

Scheduling a KoBu at Your Location:

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Program specific certifications are especially designed for the KoBu Instructors or the KoBu fitness and the KoBu Martial Art Instructors.  Each certification is a one day 8 hour session . Early registration  (enrolling at least 14 days prior to the Workshop date) by your participants is highly encouraged to confirm required registrations.    
Step 1:  Request your dates by emailing train@kobupower.com or calling 302-475-8707.
 Step 2:  Receive KoBu  Workshop Hosting materials and forms.
  Step 3:  Fill out all forms and submit to KoBu Power.
   Step 4:  Promote the Instructor Training Workshop at your location through marketing
          materials provided by KoBu Power.

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