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Michael Graves
Founder of KoBu Power

Over 40 years experience in Martial Arts
7th Degree Black Belt
Shihan of The Mahato Karate Association
Inducted into 
The USA Karate Hall of Fame
Action Martial Arts Magazine Teacher Hall of Fame
Captain of the  USA Karate Team
10 Time International Karate Medalist
Founder of Karate Box Aerobics
Founder of Small Samurai 
Co- Creator of Kidini Karate Bully Prevention Child Safety Program

KoBu Power
Ancient Art, Modern Motion:
A Samurai Cardio-Kickboxing Workout

Kobudo, meaning "the way of ancient martial art weapons," can be traced to the island of Okinawa.  This region was a martial arts dynasty and developed great warriors.  At different times in Okinawa's history, China and Japan conquered the island and banned all weapons.  So, the islanders took their tools and hands, and trained vigorously to protect themselves from the invaders.  Their skill and techniques have resulted in an art that has been passed down for centuries through serious martial art masters.  Today, we can see that the Far East has set the benchmark for fitness and longevity.  Various martial art disciplines are now recognized as beneficial to people of all ages.   

Ancient Art, Modern Motion
KoBu is a powerful workout based on the ancient martial art of Kobudo and Kenjutsu, the art of the Samurai.  The modern aspect of KoBu is the use of a weighted bar to enhance the cardio portion of the curriculum while music sets the rhythm for the routine.  Combining  such intense skills is the concept of 7th Degree Black Belt and Karate Hall of Famer, Michael Graves.

KoBu Power is motivated motion - it's a program that you are inspired to do again and again.  It's a workout that will sculpt the body and reduce fat.  However, there's a hidden benefit to KoBu for those that are interested in going one step further.  Every movement in the KoBu workout is actually a self-defense technique!  This is why KoBu Power can be tailored to anyone's needs.  It can be used solely as an exercise program to get in shape and improve one's fitness level without emphasis on self-defense, or it can be utilized as a self-defense escape technique program that also has fitness benefits.  This versatility is what defines the KoBu Power workout.  Fitness Clubs, Personal Trainers, and Martial Art Schools can easily incorporate KoBu into their current curriculum because they can adapt KoBu to their current market.

How KoBu Can Teach Self-Defense Escape Techniques 
In order for anyone to survive a fight or flight situation, the body must rely on instinctive reactions that can only be acquired through repetitive motion known as muscle memory.  An example of this is the "wax on, wax off" scene from the movie, "The Karate Kid."  Since every movement in the KoBu Power workout is a self-defense technique, repeated practice of these skills will cause muscle memory.  Therefore, your workout becomes your defense, and your defense becomes your workout.  The guiding principle of KoBu Power is "learn once, practice one thousand, practice one thousand to do once."

With the knowledge that the movements can be used to save your life, a new dimension of confidence is added to the workout.  The hidden self-defense escape technique in KoBu Power is called the "bunkai" of the movement.  In reality, most of us don't carry a weapon for protection.  KoBu Power trains your body to be the weapon against an attacker.  The bar that's used during the KoBu workout is a training tool that teaches hand placement on an aggressor to create a safe escape.  In other words, the bar is only used during KoBu training.  In the event of an attack, your self-defense would be performed with empty hands (NO BAR).

The KoBu Power Workout
The KoBu Power workout is normally 30 to 45 minutes and may vary depending on warm-up and cool-down times.  To maximize cardio benefits, a weighted bar is recommended though something as simple as a broomstick will suffice to learn the techniques.

In addition to KoBu Power and KoBu Defense, related programs are offered in KoBu Cardio, KoBu Kids, and KoBu Chi.      

KoBu classes for individuals are available at the Mahato Karate School in Delaware and other various martial art schools and fitness clubs.  

Get Certified
Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, and Martial Artists can become certified in KoBu Programs through the following methods:
Home Study with DVD and Training Manual
Attend a training seminar at our location in Delaware
Host a training seminar at your facility

Mission Statement of 
The Mahato Karate Association,
Shihan Michael Graves:

"Build every student's confidence and character through the training of body, mind, and spirit to ultimately achieve peace and harmony." 

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