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"A new type of workout is promising more than a buff bod.  It's called KoBu Power and it builds up confidence as well as muscles."  (April )
"He's created an intense workout!"  (April )
"What do you get when you combine aerobics with centuries-old martial arts?  You get KoBu Power!"  (February )
"KoBu Power has turned centuries-old martial arts training into a fun and effective workout."  (June )
"It's really like three workouts in one:  a strength-cardio-martial arts ballet - and at the same time you're learning moves you can actually use in self-defense."  (July )
"The class is carefully choreographed and delivers a hard training session while teaching you self-defense skills."  (February )
"The purpose of the bar is to enhance the effect of gravity, to add muscle-building resistance.  But it also serves to increase momentum, particularly in movements that involve rotating and twisting the torso."  (December )
"With KoBu Power, you get more than an aerobic workout.  This choreographed routine, with a weighted bar, helps you build muscle, lose weight and kick butt."  (April )
"...some interesting exercise classes more popular with women, such as KoBu Power, a new weighted aerobic workout that includes aspects of self-defense."  
(November )
"Martial arts meets weights in a distinctly Delaware workout."
(March )
"KoBu Power is not just a workout, it's an education that builds muscle mass, reduces fat, teaches self-defense and, most importantly, builds confidence."  (May/June )
"KoBu Power is great."   (January )
"The new old- way to work out is the latest buzz in the fitness industry."  (January )
"KoBu Power - The workout that can save your life."  (CBS Sunday Morning News, May 1,) 

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