We offer specific KoBu Certification Programs for Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, and 
Martial Arts Instructors.

KoBu Power:  Original workout set to music, uses a weighted bar for Cardio Strength Training which will vary according to fitness level.  Click here for a detailed description of KoBu Power.  
KoBu Defense:  Education of the self-defense escape techniques in all KoBu  workouts. 
Two versions of this certification are offered:  The first is geared for Martial Art Instructors and the second is designed for those with little or no martial arts background.  
KoBu Cardio: - Martial Art Dance moves with Self Defense Escape Techniques.  Fitness equipment is not needed for this class

KoBu Kids:  Cardio Martial Dance Moves with Self Defense Escapes taught with age-appropriate instruction for discipline and focus. A KoBu Kid Bar can be used,in this workout , also helps with weight loss.  

KoBu Chi:  Martial Art Dance Moves with Self Defense Escapes. KoBu Chi includes a Modified workout set to music, Also a lightweight flex bar, for slow-paced and low impact strength training geared toward seniors and the special needs population.  

Click here if you're a Fitness Instructor
Click here if you're a Personal Trainer
Click here if you're a Martial Arts Instructor

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